Stock Lager, Pale Ale and Belgian Whit Brew Day!

It was a long day this November 11th.  I woke up at 6:50am.  It is the last warm day above 60 before the snow comes so I thought this would be the perfect day to brew while the kids played outside all day.

This all comes off the heels of yesterday, where I spent the majority of my Saturday fixing the new kegerator for 4 taps, filtering the Red and getting fermentors cleaned for today.  I also racked the two ciders I made a month ago to age all winter…though the honey one was still bubbling a little.

Of note, Mt Hood nearly doubled in Alpha Acid from a year ago.  Always double check new hop batches and update your calculations.

I started off the day with the first batch having a boilover. I turned off the gas to one burner and it increased it on the boilkettle.
RIMS of the Belgian Whit
Perfect Temp. The Therminator has got to be one of the best investments. I dropped 12 gallons of boiling wort to 68 degrees in 5 minutes. (yeah, it’s a little high now)

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