Red Ale…Yuck

My first ‘bad’ beer since I started brewing again a year ago.  This is my third try of making a red ale.   In the 2nd attempt I added a small amount of roasted barley as that is what the internet told me to do.  No change in color.  The most recent batch that I just finished carbonating I  doubled the roasted barley.  The roasted barley comes through too much and it didn’t even affect the color.  It actually is the same color as our pale ale.

Time to go back to the drawing board (roasted barley in small amounts does NOT equal red, the internet is wrong).  I’m thinking using more of the Crystal 80’s +.  I hear there is also a ‘Red’ malt.  Though I should really just stick with red food coloring.  Who’s gonna know?  😉

Pale Ale v Red ale

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