The Old Renner Brewery

It’s for sale.  Up the street no less.  I just visited it yesterday.  It does have a good price, is a piece of history and decent location.

The right half of the brewery was the original 1880’s (which burned down twice).  The left side is a newer early 1900’s add-on.

After sleeping on this, a few things:

– The brewery can’t go on the second floor in the room with the highest ceilings (in the ideal spot of course).  It needs a thick, slanted concrete slap on a first floor to support lot’s of weight from point sources (fermentor and serving tank legs).  If 15bbl of water weights 3,600 pounds, divide that by 4 legs = ~1000 pounds/leg.  Say each legs foot pad is 5 square inches, that will be about 200 lbs per square inch.  On the current wood slat floor, that won’t work as it is way to rickety even though the beams are good.

– The optimal 2nd floor brewery would have to be concrete for water.  I don’t think you can pour a concrete 2nd floor if the building wasn’t designed for it.  Even laying a subfloor and using tile…not sure if that would be enough?  I really think it needs a thick slab.

– A compromise would be to put the serving tanks on the second floor only around the bar and then easily add extra support to the floor if needed.  These could be plumbed to the 1st floor brewery and there would be no water issues.   The only issue becomes is if the 1st floor, which already has a concrete slab, has the headroom for a 15 bbl system and fermentors.  Of course I didn’t measure that as I was thinking a different configuration at the time.

– Freeing up more space on the second floor would be good as one can include a small kitchen/cooler area for food.

– The sewage line will need completely up-sized.

– The electrical will have to be updated – even though it has the needed service.

– All new windows.

– New floors on the 2nd floors.

– Completely new bathrooms on the 1st and 2nd floor.

…this is all before I can think about moving stuff in and remodeling it.  It can be done, but can it still come in below the cost of newer retail space if one renovates this, very inexpensive, building?  That is the question.  Though the most immediate question is if one can get the necessary permits to manufacture, distribute and sell on premise?

2nd floor. Rickety wood floor though supported by solid I beams.
Tin ceilings!  Perfect for the bar area.
1st floor over new 1920’s building.
1st floor over original 1880’s building.
1st floor over 1920’s addition. Low ceilings?

The sub-basement.
Sub-basements grow them weird…
Yeah, this is the only sewage line. That will need upgraded.

One thought on “The Old Renner Brewery”

  1. Wow, this place really has some character, hopefully all the rest of the pieces will fall into place. Hope this goes the way you want it too. Mikey

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