March Beer Brewing Day

I am back down to two batches.  Three is too long of a day.  I did the pale ale substituting Wyeast 1056  (American Ale) with Wyeast 1028 (London Ale).  I also did the Amber making two substitutions: Briess Pale Ale malt instead of 6-row and Wyeast 1084 (Scottish Ale) instead of Wyeast 1056.

It was interesting that the Amber came out a few points above gravity, 1.058 with a target of 1.055.  The pale ale was even more surprising, 1.066 instead of 1.055.  That is 10 gravity points.  Either the efficiency went up a lot or I had more grain than I thought.  I picked the former as both batches used the exact same pounds for the target gravity and water/grain levels were identical in the grain bed.  I did lauter for a longer time, 50 and 60 minutes respectively instead of the usual 30-ish on triple brew days – that could have been it.

Other highlights of the day:  I got to talking about 55 gallon stainless steel barrels and possible commercial uses when there was a boil-over.  One of the more minor ones, but still.  That’s why one should never purchase a ‘polished’ stainless steel stand….or even a stainless steel stand at all.  It’s going to go through much, much abuse.  You will spend more time keeping it clean than brewing.  I am starting to build nice flakey crusts of ash from boiled-over burned wort of brew days gone past.

I also had the first ‘Stock’ lager on tap.  Essentially a Sam Adams clone.  I made it in December.  It’s fantastic though I would like to experiment a little more on it for a signature hop.  It finished 1.020, I would like to see if that can go down a little more too.  Though still a ‘can drink this all day’ beer.




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