June II Brewing

Just a single batch today – the Pale Ale with Wyeast 1056 (American Ale).  The only difference is that I am going to sparge at < 1 hour with 190 degree sparge water.  Ie want to see what is important, sparge time OR maintaining sparge grain bed temp of 170 (with hotter water).

The end result was that the efficiency went down to 69% instead of 80% with shorter sparge even though after sparge was done, the grainbed was still 170 degrees.

Rats.  I did hold back 4 gallons of sparge water as the boil kettle is too small for the batch size (17 gallons @ pumpout).  If I had the room for it, this may have improved it.  Will have to figure out how to do this or next batch will be smaller so I can sparge will ALL the water instead of topping off after pumpout when there is room.

We hit gravity at 80% efficiency!



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