March 1st, 2014 Brew Day – Bock and Saison

This is the 2nd brew day in the new fermentors.  I plan to pressurize these less to hopefully eliminate some foaminess in the finished beers.  I am brewing a Bock and a Saison – the Bock being the first lager to undergo pressurized fermentation – I wonder if I can get a lager out in 15 days?  These will be the first of these styles I have brewed – as I am looking for some Spring beers.

Jesse, Rebecca and John came over to help – and just at the right time!  We used the new Malt Mill for the first time grinding the grain.  There are a few problems that I have to address such as tighter belts and a better shoot for the grain.

Overall it was a long day especially due to the Bock which I tried a variation of the current single infusion mashes I usually do to approximate the triple decoction method that is indicative of this style.  It didn’t work out so well and as soon as I turned my head, a had a boilover – in the mashtun!  No matter.  Gravity was good.  Though I think the local homebrew store messed up on initial grain weights and maybe reversed the weights of the Dungeman’s Munich with 6-row pilsner.  So I may have to repeat this Bock and have the grains bagged separately from now on.

I also aroma hopped the Saison with some flower Yakima Magnum – though they all didn’t fit in the trub filter (hopback) so we put them in pantyhose.  I hope I get some spicy notes from this hop.




A little bit of sugar for the Saison.
A little bit of sugar for the Saison.







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