Visit to Willoughby Brewing Company

The family and I went to Willoughby Brewing Company this past Saturday.  We arrived at 6pm thinking we would beat the rush.  Not so, apparently the place was full of prom kids.  I know-ironic.  We were able to get an outside table after I gave him my sob story, ” We came all the way from Akron!!!”  Though the original hostess in the waiting area initially told us tough luck.  The guy came through and found us a place to sit, it was outside and we actually preferred it.

We had an excellent waitress, one of the best burgers I ever had…and the rest of our food was pretty good too.  The beers?  Well….

Kaiserhof – A pretty decent, easy drinking Kolsch.  If I was drinking pints this night, it would be this one.

Peanut Butter Cup – This was a chocolate, peanut butter, coffee porter.  This was surprisingly a very good beer.

Gutterpup – Another porter.  Good.

Railway Razz – Not a fan.  Not balanced.  It seems it was artificially sweetened on top of having an almost…slight vinegary tartness – halfway to a lambic.  You can taste rasberry, but it was too much in my opinion.  I prefer a light pilsner base with just enough raspberry to ‘know’.  This was a little over-the-top.

Hop Jam – This was a black IPA.  It was a good beer.  I could taste the roasted malts.

Rosana – This is a ‘red rye’ ale.  Another good beer.

And finally, the Russian Imperial Stout (BDA?) – If I liked Imperial Stouts, this would be a good one.  Very nicely balanced.  Nice creamy caramel head.  It was just too much after the other beers.

Overall impression?  OK selection of beer.  I wish there were more easy drinkers – maybe a few lagers.  No reason to have two porters either.  I actually liked the food better than the beer and the atmosphere was more ‘restauranty’ than brewery with food.  I will have to come back when the draft selection has changed as they do have many beers that aren’t all on tap at once.

Willoughby Brewing Company
Willoughby Brewing Company
My flight.
My flight.





The only way to enjoy beer.
The only way to enjoy beer.

photo (3)

Surrounded by beers!
Surrounded by beers!

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