Night Shift Brewing Visit

Night Shift Brewing's Facility
Night Shift Brewing’s Facility
Assistant Brewer Jesse
Assistant Brewer Jesse

I was able to visit Night Shift Brewery after hearing the buzz from Ron when I was in Boston.  The Brewery just moved into a larger home with plenty of space for growth.

This brewery piqued our interest as it started out in the dorm room of a bunch of college guys and the first brewery initially produced predominantly weisse and sour weisse beers – which is interesting on it’s own as it’s already in a small niche of the craft beer industry.  Plus everything is bottled in wine bottles.  Everything.

Walking inside, you are greeted by a long wooden bar and 24 taps (seven being used…plenty of room for growth).  Picnic benches are placed throughout the taproom with bowls of  bagged chips and pretzels.  I tried a flight of their beer.

I was able to go on a brewery tour and look around their operation. They were just installing their larger system while still having their smaller system in operation.

The interesting part about their beer is that they are all barrel conditioned.  Depending on the beer they are making, they will either use a Red wine, White wine, rum, whiskey, and bourbon barrel. They experiment with aging as well.

Night Shift Brewing's bar
Night Shift Brewing’s bar


Below are Night Shifts descriptions of beers on tap that I sampled:

Whirlpool:  4.2%ABV Juicy Pale Ale Bursting with Notes of Ripe Peach And Citrus.

Art#24: MUD – 3.5% ABV Session Rye IPA with Citra, Columbus, Cascade, and Sorachi hops. So Ugly, but so tasty.

Grove – 6.6% Farmhouse Saison Fermented with fresh meyer lemons and Ruby Red Grapefruits.

Cask –  Grove’s saison base dry hopped with Cashmere.

And then I tried a couple more…

JoJo– 6.4% ABV American style pink IPA loaded with tropical hops and infused with hibiscus; refreshingly hoppy.

Stop Collaborate & Glisten– 8.9% ABV sparkling golden ale fermented in wine barrels with sauvignon blanc grape must and a blend of wild yeast.

While all of these brews were interesting in their own way, the one that stood out above the rest and that I still dream about  was the Stop Collaborate & Glisten. This Brew was delightfully tart and sweet. Very aromatic and bursting with flavor. This brew was so good it was hard to put down.  This one was barrel aged for a year.  They only allowed a two bottle limit and if you had some, you would understand.









Night Shift Brewing's Ever Weisse.  A very good beer, the strawberries, kiwis and hibiscus is very subtle but there in this tart beer.
Night Shift Brewing’s Ever Weisse. A very good beer, the strawberries, kiwis and hibiscus is very subtle but there in this tart beer.



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