Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 10, October 6-October 12, 2014

Floors…almost done!

I will admit, just due to one of my kids school camping trips, we didn’t get a lot done this week.  But we tried anyways as I need to take delivery of some fermentors in a week or two and this floor needs done.  Last week we unsuccessfully tried to patch all of the pits in the concrete floor with mortar.  It was too sandy, it didn’t work.  These pits came from nails shot into the floor to secure 2×4’s from prior tenants walls and fixtures, and then covered over with tile.  There were a lot to patch – plus the grey morter didn’t really match well with the current concrete floor which had a tan element to it.

I ended up going to Lowe’s to get a bag of leveling concrete.  I assumed it didn’t have sand.  I also got two gallons of concrete floor acrylic/urethane sealer and a mop and bucket to prep the floors.

This week's work.
This week’s work.

The kids and I mixed up a little bit of leveling concrete and tried to spread it in the holes of the floor.  It had sand too.  It didn’t want to spread smoothly.  Luckily as a backup I brought some tan, unsanded grout that I used when I tiled my bathroom years ago.  So I had the kids mix that up.  IT SPREAD NICE AND SMOOTH!

So we finally got to work.  I had the kids fill in all the floor pit marks.  I then went back the next morning to sand and reapply some more unsanded grout to touch up a few spots.  That night I sanded again, mopped twice and let the floor dry.

Mixing grout.
Mixing grout.
Getting the perfect consistency.
Getting the perfect consistency.




Cleanup time.
Cleanup time.

Wouldn’t you know it though, my Dad told me after we used the grout that clear epoxy would have worked too and the color would match.  Duh!  That would have been a whole lot easier.  Back in the day, we worked with A LOT of epoxy to fix the old wood golf club heads – we even made inserts (the part that hits the golf ball) out of epoxy.  Basically any ‘chunk’ that came off of a wood gold club head we filled with epoxy and sanded.

Oh well, maybe next time when we outgrow this place.  😉

Next Week

  • Paint the floors
  • Meet with security people
  • Work on Ohio application
  • Get a solid date for fermentor delivery to rent a forklift
  • Start getting materials for walk-in cooler

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