Building R.Shea Brewing: Week 34, March 22-28

Busy Week

With the beerfest happening and also my son’s Birthday, time was short.  My goal was to get the bar done.  The bar ended up getting five coats of polyurethane over a few days.  Lot’s of watersanding in between.  Being such a long bar, this was a tough project. Getting even coats without dripping was difficult.  The bar rail was the most difficult part with it’s curves as it wanted to drip no matter what – then if the coat was too thin, it didn’t dry glossy.

Another coat of poly.
Another coat of poly.

Once the bar top was done, Jesse and Rebecca came down to help with the metal.

Jesse prepping the metal for painting.
Jesse prepping the metal for painting.


Beer judging

I was able to do some more judging for the Wizard of Saaz homebrew competition this week.  The competition brought 400 entries, I believe I was able to judge about 24 in total.  This was fun – I helped judge the porters, ciders and American Ale categories.









Next Week

  • Get ready for a shakedown cruise on the big brew system


Thanks to Jesse and Rebecca for coming down to help or short notice.  Thanks also to my dad doing some miscellaneous and also work on the bar top.


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