Akpov’s Bock

R.Shea Brewing’s First Seasonal

MSM_LogoNow available on draft at:
The Mustard Seed in Highland Square:
867 West Market Street.

Bock4“Only in Spring will you be able to taste this smooth, malty lager that offers a little more kick than a traditional lager.  This is a nice segway from the darker winter beers before the lighter beers of summer gets into full swing”

Spring.  When I think of Spring I think of dandelions…everywhere.  My lawn is herbicide-free so when Spring comes, I have a sea of dandelions from end-to-end.  This was the inspiration behind this beer.

Akpov’s Spring Bock features nearly 100% Munich malt which offers a very distinct flavor profile.  If you like Oktberfests, this would be it’s closest cousin.

Traditionally,   Bocks were made in the Fall, lagered (aged) for months until Spring arrived.  The city of Eisenbock was the first city to make this style in the 14th century.  Bocks are usually affiliated with the billy goat “ein Bock’ – I believe dandelions are an appropriate substitution!

bockpintMy take on this beer
This is actually a very simple recipe.  What you taste is purely from the Munich malts.  There is no hop flavor or aroma, just enough bitterness to balance the malt – but to show off the malt.  This first time I brewed this I was like, “don’t change a thing!”  This is a first-time-prime recipe that I know you will all love.

{ 100% American Ingredients }


Alcohol by Volume (ABV) = 6.0%
Hop Bitterness = 26 (low)
Grain Bill = American Munich, American Pale Ale and Carapils
Hops: Galena

Current Availability:

Mustard Seed, Highland Square
867 West Market Street.



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