Rubber City Red

R.Shea Brewing’s Inaugural Beer

MSM_LogoNow available on draft at:
The Mustard Seed in Highland Square:
867 West Market Street.

R.Shea Brewing's Inaugural Beer - Rubber City Red
R.Shea Brewing’s Inaugural Beer – Rubber City Red


“What do you drink when you want rich flavor, but with minimal hop profile…something that’s clean and crisp that you can have a few pints of?   (And it doesn’t hurt that it’s  pretty to look at too!)

What you want is a Rubber City Red.  An American Amber that honors the heritage of our city both then and now.  From the rubber of our past to the polymers of our present – it’s still rubber that drives our city at the end of the day.

Rubber City Red has plenty of caramel malts that contribute to it’s rich flavor.  A careful amount of roasted barley finishes the color and a splash of Vienna malt gives this beer it’s super-toasty profile.

Why an Amber?  You will understand once you try it.  This amber goes several steps further than most commercial ambers.  I’m a guy that’s partial to malty beers that have plenty of taste but can easily quench your thirst – which is why I have spent a lot of time tweaking this recipe over the years.

{ 100% American Ingredients }


Alcohol by Volume (ABV) = 4.5%
Hop Bitterness = 34 (low)
Grain Bill = Six grains including Pale Ale, Vienna, Crystal 20, Crystal 80, Roasted Barley and Carapils
Hops: Galena

Current Availability:

Mustard Seed, Highland Square
867 West Market Street.



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