Finding My Beers

Besides my open taproom, I do have some beer on Draft at select locations in Akron.

Current Draft Availability

Mustard Seed, Highland Square
867 West Market Street, Akron

Cashmere Cricket
32235 Front St, Cuyahoga Falls




4 thoughts on “Finding My Beers”

  1. Hi,

    I live in Portland, OR and was visiting the Cleveland area last month. I stopped by for a beer flight on Wednesday, March 23 and made my best choice of the day by trying your Lab Rat – an IPA with oranges and mangoes. I would like to recall its exact name because it was pure nectar!

    It wasn’t available for growler fills (understandably), but I do wonder if that day was the first and last in my life to have it. Are there any plans to produce and sell it?

    Thank you for that and other great beers!
    Gleb S

    1. Gleb S. – I think that would be the Orange Mango Citra Shandy that you’re referring to. I love it too! Ron seems to have that on his tap menu quite a bit – so your in luck!

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