R.Shea Brewing’s Summer Seasonal

MSM_LogoNow available on draft at:
The Mustard Seed in Highland Square:
867 West Market Street.

“This may just be your favorite summertime beer.  Peach and wheat beer are a perfect marriage of this fruit with a hefeweizen”

Summertime.  It’s already hot and muggy in Ohio, consequently I usually don’t want to drink darker beers or heavier IPA’s…I want something to quench my thirst but also have more taste than a commercial pilsner.

Why a Peach Hefeweizen?  I believe that hefes offer a much better beer base for fruits than do typical ales.  Ales I find are too malty and sweet and don’t balance the fruit well.  Hefeweizens are lighter and more distinctive with their characteristic yeast.  I chose peach as not a lot of people do peach but I was later surprised at how awesome the flavor is.

Peachy! features about 50% wheat and 50% pilsner malt.  You get that perfect light, cloudy beer where the cloves and bananas of typical Hefeweizens are subdued just enough to let the peach really come through.

Peach Hefeweizan


{ 100% American Ingredients }


Alcohol by Volume (ABV) = 5.0%
Hop Bitterness = 14 (low)
Grain Bill = American Red Wheat, American Pilsner  and Carapils
Hops: Mount Hood

Current Availability:

Mustard Seed, Highland Square
867 West Market Street.



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